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The premier provider of business planning advice for new and expanding business with a
view to improve efficiency and profitability in operations

Business  Services

Taking your business to the next level
Marketing Research Planning and Development and Implementation of Marketing Plans

PRfect Green Belize is equipped to conduct research on the national and international market, indicating market opportunities available, pricing, potential
customer needs and requirements, information on
the competition image building, product positioning, branding - the complete development of a marketing plan, implementation
monitoring and evaluation.

Business Communication Design and Implementation

PRfect Green Belize can develop complete advertising campaigns, copy-writing for television,
radio and newspaper, desktop publishing (design of newsletter, reports and other publications), website design, harnessing the power of social media and E-communication and business presentation development.

Public Relations Research,
Planning and Implementation:

PRfect Green Belize is equipped to conduct research on the relevant audience, market and the general public - indicating publics' perception of a company and its product/services, that of competitors and utilize that
information in the design of the complete public relations plan, implement, monitor and evaluate its successes, recommending future actions.

Complete Events Organizing

PRfect Green Belize can plan your event from start to finish, complete with all your necessary printed and publicity needs. Whether it is a wedding, a small
intimate get together for friends, the boss’s birthday party, a press conference, business seminar, product or service launch. PRfect Green Belize will ensure that your
event gets the attendance and attention you desire

Design and Development of
Company’s Public Image

Just like an individual, a company has a public image. It must be known that the image is developed through no
accident but through a deliberate design and management process. The image starts from the company’s logo and includes everything that the public
will consume for that company or firm - its name on a sign or the building, the letterheads, the public messages it delivers, advertisement, charities it supports, community involvement, response to public perception and reviews.


PRfect Green incorporates training in all its services.
Clients not only receive strategies and turn key services but receive training in marketing, business
communication, corporate communications management, media relations, public relations and financial management. Training can be incorporated as
part of services rendered or a la carte.

Business Research Planning and Turn Key/Start Up Management

PRfect Green Belize can conduct detail business research - whether for product or service development, a product or service launch or for an investment in a business. You will have all the information necessary to draft your business plan. Even more, we can offer critical management advice or oversee the management of your new or expanding venture.

Financial Forecasting, Planning And Management

A business’s success rests on its management of
finances, its investments, how it maximizes profits and eliminates inefficiencies.  PRfect Green Belize can come into your business, assess your financial experience and offer the critical information that will see your profit margin expand.


Any investor contemplating a business venture needs the proper information on which to base decisions. An intimate understanding of the market proposed for entry must be gained. PRfect Green Belize can assist with garnering this information, developing business
concepts detailed plan, facilitate in applying for legal licenses and achieving bureaucratic approvals.



Our retainer option pre-selects services allowing clients to choose one package for an affordable value within a minimum contract.  Our A La Carte Menu of services puts the choice in your hands.  Pick that service or group of services for one affordable rate.



PRfect Green Belize is a venture giving service for  15 years with a team of energized, creative young
professionals who excelled in their professions during employment explored the freelancing atmosphere and built a reputation of quality, professional work, and services to clients.  Forming partnerships and ability to assemble a team of professionals for any task is our goal.


In an increasingly competitive environment, businesses have learned to appreciate the value of efficiency in operations, sound planning, quality service/products and distinguishing themselves from the competition. The services of PRfect Green Belize will do just that - allow clients to make decisions based on sound planning and research, tighten operations to maximize efficiencies and increase productivity and profitability

PRfect Green Belize offers its clientele quality services and an assurance of excellence from a
customer conscious and business savvy team of professionals. PRfect Green Belize provides consultancy services to current businesses and investors who have invested in Belize or are considering investment in

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Client Testimonials


PRfect Green Belize has demonstrated a genuine interest in assisting the organization in becoming - organized and strategic, providing invaluable guidance regarding strategies that should be used to strengthen the organization.  The Belize Cancer Society has had the opportunity to benefit from their expertise with services analyzing business proposals for the Board of Directors, which facilitated the process of making informed decisions regarding business contracts.  PRfect Green Belize developed two of our initial Strategic Plans and a Plan of Action for the BCS with the active participation of members during the development process, resulting in comprehensive and practical documents and evaluation of our achievements post the implementation periods.  The services were offered with a high degree of professionalism, dedication, efficiency and a strong work ethic.  I extend sincere gratitude to PRfect Green Belize, for the exemplary service given to the Belize Cancer Society.  

—Madame Mrs. Laura Ticker-Longsworth, President of the Belize Cancer Society and Speaker of the House of Representatives


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