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PRfect Training & Coaching:

All trainings and coaching are highly interactive, offered in a “learn as you do” methodology. At the
end of each training, you will conclude with products for you to commence work immediately.

Introduction to Communications and Building Effective Relationships with the Media:

This training takes you through the essentials of communications, preparing for work in
communications, the challenges, tips and techniques, developing key messages and the essentials of effectively working with the media. This training is ideal for communications, public relations and management personnel who represent companies in inward or outward facing communications and public representation.

Developing your Communications Strategy and Engagement:

This training takes you through building your communications strategy – from communications audit to goal identification, strategy identification, actions, work plan, budgeting for your communications
strategy and a monitoring guide. The second module of the training provides capacity building on community and stakeholder engagement – the knots and bolts of community engagement, planning your public and community consultations and effectively communicating and building alliances for a cause.

Marketing Strategy Development and Training:

The training takes you through a marketing audit, a product/service and market assessment, consumer assessment, competitive analysis, positioning, setting marketing projections, determining
marketing strategies and tactics, metrics, designing a marketing plan and a related budget for implementation

Public Speaking and Speech Writing:

This training will take you through the essentials of public speaking, preparing to speak publicly in an engaging and effective manner, the essentials of speech writing, assembling a speech and delivery for impact.

Financial and Accounting Management:

This training will take you through starting up your financial and accounts management system to building capacity in managing your company’s accounting system. The training meets you where you are at and takes you forward. At its end, you will have a fully designed accounting system and/or be ready to take on the role of effectively managing your business’s accounts.


This is a very specific training designed to build capacity for accurate budget development and effective budget management. Participants will be trained on how to utilize basic to complex
budgeting principles and techniques with an aim to maximize human and financial resource use and efficiencies across company inputs and outputs.

financial forecast

This is a very specific training designed to build capacity for accurate multi-year financial forecasting for your business, allowing you to support business planning and business forecasting. By the end of the training, participant will learn how to use tools necessary to assess, plan and integrate critical factors that impact forecasting and future planning.

business planning

This training is comprehensive and allows you to learn as you develop your own business plan, from start to finish. The training includes multi-year financial forecasting to support a business plan. Participants will be able to develop and establish a working business plan framework for your company by the end of the training that will set your company on the path to future growth and expansion.

Quality Management Services:

This training is comprehensive and designed to assess and review your company’s Quality
Management Structure under the guidance of a certified PECB ISO 9001 Lead Auditor. Whether you are aiming to qualify for ISO 9001 standards or would like to align your operations with a defined quality management system, this training will get you on the right path to integrating a Quality Management Structure within all layers of your company’s operations.

Special Offer: Media and News Gathering Training:

This training package is for current practicing media workers or aspiring media workers. You know you have a natural skill for the job… you are doing the job but realize you need more confidence and skills…The training is intended to build confidence in performing as a news person, building skills necessary for working in the media as a news reporter. The training is made to build on natural instincts and taken in the full package elevates current performance. 

  • Introduction to News Reporting and News Writing

  • Building Interviewing Skills and Techniques

  • Editing for News Writing

  • Introduction to Feature Writing and Investigative Reporting