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PRfect Consult:

You visit your doctor for a medical consult… You contact us for a business and communications consult. Our PRfect Consult product line is designed to offer guidance in specific targeted areas, setting you on the right track – getting you fit for business and communications ready. All consults can be followed up with a full coaching or training session. Visit our Menu of Trainings for more details.

Communications and Media Consult:

You have a public appearance to make on behalf of your firm or your organization. You are nervous. You have a media interview coming up. You are mortified. You need a quick confidence booster offering tips for effectively meeting this challenge. Never let them see you sweat! PRfect Consult can get you ready with our consultation and coaching. Our Consult is available as a one-time offer by the hour or a series of consults…you decide what it is you need to be communications ready. 

Strategy Consult:

An emergency has developed… the company or organization is facing a particularly challenging experience. You need to strategize for inward facing and outward facing communications. You need a bit of professional guidance. Don’t fear… PRfect Consult can provide the guidance to get you over that hump.

Budget and Financial Management Consult

Our budget and financial management consult is designed to offer quick tips and guidance for a company or organization needing to properly organize its financial management. The consult will share critical information or getting started and key considerations that must be made to professionally manage the finances of your